How to Get Free Merchandise on INDIBET: A Simple Guide

  1. Deposit funds on Indibet and start accumulating reward points.
  2. Once you've collected 1000 or more points, log in to to redeem your coupon/voucher.
  3. Choose the products you'd like to redeem from our range, using your Indi wallet reward points as currency.
  4. Head to your "CART," provide shipping details, and paste your given Coupon Code in the voucher section and the items will be on their way to you, absolutely FREE. Enjoy your rewards!


We started with a simple but strong idea: to add excitement to your gaming at INDIBET. Our goal is to create an experience that's not just interesting but also really engaging for you.

Whenever you deposit money on our platform, you open the door to exciting rewards. These rewards are in the form of points you earn with each deposit. These points can turn your gaming moments into real delights.

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